The following phrase is assumed to be correctly noted from an O.E. church inscription, probably dating to at least the 15th century.

Tune Desiuis Esse Noli Gloiare

Google and many other online translators on the search pages (which apparently use the same engine) have this as:

Don't Be Abandoned Tune

The same translation occurs when Gloiare is omitted. Removing Tune instead gets the following:

You cease to be, do not glorify

From Whitaker's, the output gets the following:

-ne = is it not that (enclitic); or ...(introduces a question or alternative); tu PRON 5 2 NOM S C
tu PRON 5 2 VOC S C you (sing.); thou/thine/thee/thy (PERS); yourself/thyself (REFLEX);

Desiuis ======== UNKNOWN

ess.e VPAR 3 1 VOC S M PERF PASSIVE PPL edo, edere, edi, essus V (3rd) TRANS [XXXCO] es.se V 7 3 PRES ACTIVE INF 0 X Early edo, esse, -, - V TRANS [XXXCO] eat/consume/devour; eat away (fire/water/disease); destroy; spend money on food .esse V 5 1 PRES ACTIVE INF 0 X
sum, esse, fui, futurus V [XXXAX] be; exist; (also used to form verb perfect passive tenses) with NOM PERF PPL

nol.i V 6 2 PRES ACTIVE IMP 2 S nolo, nolle, nolui, - V [XXXAX] be unwilling; wish not to; refuse to;

Gloiare ======== UNKNOWN

Can any of these results be used to form a plausible translation? Thanks.

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    That text was definitely not correctly transcribed. For one, the last word should obviously be gloriare. The part before it is likely si vis esse (if you want to be). There rest is a bit mysterious. It would be very helpful to have a picture. Jan 21 at 9:40
  • Thanks, suspected as much- then it is a trip overseas for the snapshot. Jan 21 at 16:26
  • Tune desinis esse? Noli gloriari. Maybe. Still seems like it's missing something.
    – Figulus
    Jan 23 at 2:05
  • Update: Google translate now has "Tune Desuius Esse Noli Gloiare" as Don't Be Alone Don't Be Glorious, whereas "Tune Desuius Esse Noli Gloriare" comes back as Don't Be Afraid To Be Normal. Beginning to make some sense. Feb 13 at 14:22


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