I have tried to translate "Forever in my arms" and came up with "Semper in Armes" would this be correct?

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To make your sentence grammatical, you would need to make it in armis, not armes.

But these might not be the kind of arms you're thinking of. Arma are arms in the sense of weapons, like the right to bear arms. It's the ancestor of the English armament and army.

If you are instead referring to a part of the body, you would use the word complexus ("embrace") instead, so:

Semper in complexu

  • The Tattoo is a tribute piece for my best friend who passed away a yr ago.I have his paw print and now would like to add a phrase along side it.So arms as in a embrace would be correct.
    – Stephen
    Jan 3 at 17:48

bear in mind that the latin for arms, as in the human limbs called arms, is bracchia, singular bracchium. but i agree with cmw that the sense is better captured with ‘embrace.’

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