I'm trying to make a diminutive of an agent (specifically imperator, to name a prince), and I can't find out how the diminutive suffix -ulus would interact with the agentive -or. My best guess is "imperatollus", following the model of liber -> libellus, but I can't find confirmation, specifically in the form of a diminutive agent of any kind. Is my guess good, or is there some interaction I'm unaware of?

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    Nouns whose stem ends in -r, take -culus/a/um for their diminutives. e.g. uxoruxorcula, sororsororcula, paterpaterculus, and for agent nouns, I found amātoramātorculus Sep 10 at 8:57
  • Does the link answer your question?
    – cmw
    Sep 10 at 13:35
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    @cmw frankly, yes, and I didn't see it before I posted. I'll keep this up though, to make looking for that one easier. The outside resources I found suggested a completely different pattern, which is why I had trouble
    – No Name
    Sep 10 at 13:43


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