I am looking to create a Substack publication where I can share articles I have written on philosophy. I want to choose a name for the website that best summarises or encapsulates the nature of the subject.

A translation of 'truth'; 'towards truth'; 'of truth'; etc., is what I am currently considering. However, as this will form part of the website domain, I would like a title that is ideally one short word.

Although I was contemplating 'ad veritatem', I think 'veritati' offers a more memorable alternative.

I would like to know whether 'veritati' is accurate in the context of my publication or whether there are better alternatives or forms.

Thank you.

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ad veritatem would be the (too?) obvious choice

  • Ad veritatem is mentioned in the question. Can you elaborate on why you think it's the best choice? Bare answers are liable to be turned into comments.
    – cmw
    Jul 4 at 3:20

I remember from my textbook Hereditas Linguae Latinae that "I run towards Pula." is "Curro Polam.", with "Polam" being the accusative case of "Pola" (the ancient name for Pula). So I think "veritatem" would be a better translation for "towards truth" than "veritati".

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    You can only use a bare accusative for motion to in the case of towns and small islands, with domus and rus, and in a small handful of fixed expressions. You do need the preposition ad otherwise, though in poetry a bare dative is sometimes also used.
    – Cairnarvon
    Jun 23 at 15:18

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