I have been trying to get “God’s favorite” translated into Latin. I’ve tried google translate English to Latin and “Dei Ventus” comes up. When I swap the languages to double check, Latin to English, I get “God’s Wind” in return. I’ve tried other translation resources online and have been unsuccessful. Can someone please help


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As discussed here, there are many many ways depending on the shade of meaning you're going for.

The actual historical answer for 'beloved of the G-d of Abraham' is Iedidia (ידידיה, Yĕḏîḏĕyâ, "Jedidiah"), because discussion of Jewish ideas would've been done with reference to Hebrew or Greek. As it happens, though, when that name shows up at 2 Sam. 12:25 in reference to Solomon, Jerome's Vulgate calques it as Amabilis Domino rather than transliterating the Hebrew name, mentioning Jah, or using the direct Latin Deus. Here is a writer in New Latin who calques it as dilectus Deo in reference to the same passage. The Vulgate itself uses dilectus a Deo at 1 Thess. 1:4 for the New Testament's ἠγαπημένος ὑπὸ τοῦ Θεοῦ (ēgapēménos hypò toũ Theoũ).

There would be lots of other answers (including some involving theo-) if you were asking about the Romans' ideas within their own religion, depending on which god, how many gods, the particular aspect you wanted to emphasize, etc. or if you were asking about ecclesiastical Latin in the medieval church. Note also that the examples above are beloved or pleasing to the Lord. If you're really insisting on favorite meaning preferred before all others, grammatically you'd do that with superlative constructions. That would be uncommon and risky since it gets into deep and dicey theological waters (read heresy & Athenian show trials).

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