In my previous question, I learned that, for example, "I am too stupid to understand that." would be "Stupidior sum quam ut id intellegam.". But how would one say "I am too stupid for this university." in Latin? My attempt would be "Stupidior sum quam pro hac universitate.", but I am not sure whether that's correct.

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I'm not entirely comfortable with using quam ut and no verb - maybe someone else can confirm whether this is done or not. An easy way round would be to add a verb - i.e. "I'm too stupid to go to this university". By the way stultus is the normal word for 'stupid'. I would translate 'university' as academia (as in, Plato's Academy).

stultior sum quam ut ad hanc academiam item

PS Does anyone have a better suggestion for 'to go'? I've used the frequentative of ire but perhaps assidere or apparare + dat.?

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