In Keller's Learn to Read Latin, I found that quam has several meanings:

quam is the singular feminine accusative form of qui (interrogative or relative adj, what, which)

quam (interrogative or relative adv.) how

quam (conj.) than

Are those meaings of quam related to or originated from each other?

-quam is also used in forming other words:

quisquam, quicquam (indef. pron.) someone, something; anyone, anything

quisquam, quicquam is an indefinite pronoun formed by the addition of the indefinite suffix -quam to quis, quid.

antequam or priusquam (conj.): before

quamquam (conj.) although

quam primum, as soon as possible

umquam (adv.) ever

What does -quam mean in those compound words?

Are the meanings of -quam related to the meanings of quam?



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