I would like to translate the famous Julius Caesar quote into the third person plural:

They Came, They Saw, They Conqurered.

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If you want to sound archaic or poetic, say "Venere, videre, vicere.". If you do not, say "Venerunt, viderunt, vicerunt.". Latin, namely, has two endings for perfect 3rd person plural, "-ere" and "-erunt", "-ere" being poetic and archaic.

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    I'd quibble slightly with calling '-ere' archaic or poetic. Granted it's more often used in poetry (metrical flexibility) but it's still reasonably common in Classical prose. It's worth noting that the colloquial form was '-ĕrunt'; Kennedy §15 suggests that '-ērunt' was a compromise between that and '-ēre'.
    – Alexandre
    Jun 10 at 11:08

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