I'm translating the following Latin dedication: "S. S. Theologiae Lectori Primario ad Regium Gymnasium"

"S. S." might be an abbreviation for scilicet (namely, to wit, in particular). Is this correct?

Would the following be correct: "Namely, Most Excellent Chief Lecturer of Theology for the Royal Gymnasium". Including "Namely" doesn't seem right. Any help will be appreciated.


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SS stands (as usual in Christian contexts) for sanctissimus, -a, -um, in this case sanctissimae:

To the principal lecturer of the most holy theology ...

  • It can also mean sancti, sanctorum, "the saints", although that is not what is means in this case. But generally, it means either the superlative or the plural of S, sanctus.
    – Figulus
    Commented Apr 8, 2023 at 15:27

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