Is "levor, levoris" officially a real word? It has no entry on Wiki or other known sources.

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I'm not sure why it's not on Wiktionary, but you can find it in Lewis and Short, with various references to classical usage.

lēvor (laevor), ōris, m. id.,
I.smoothness: “haud sine principali aliquo levore,” Lucr. 2, 423: “spectantur in chartis tenuitas, densitas, candor, levor,” Plin. 13, 12, 24, § 78: “levorem corpori afferre,” id. 30, 14, 43, § 127; 37, 4, 15, § 56: “vocis,” Lucr. 4, 552.

The easiest way to find a word in Lewis and Short, in my experience, is the Perseus morphology tool. That's how I pulled up this entry.

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