my mum wanted to get a tattoo and we were trying to figure out the correct translation for it. She wanted a tattoo consisting of different words, like this: "Live. Smile(or live smiling). Believe. Do (aka do it). Dream." ended up with something like "Ridens vive. Crede. Fac. Somnia.". Please let me know if there's a correct translation we could use to express the right meaning, any help is greatly appreciated!~

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I think the subjunctive works better here, almost as a series of prayers. Also, leaving verbs without objects (do, believe) sounds very strange to me. I don't know if it would work as a tattoo, but here's my suggestion:

Subridens vivas.
In ? credas.
Quod velis facias.
De ? somnies.

May you live smiling.
May you believe in ?.
May you do what you want to do.
May you dream about ?.

I don't know what she actually believes/dreams about, but you should replace the question marks accordingly.

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