What would be the adjectives to describe someone's hair? The only I know is "crispus" "curled" Could i just translate the adjectives in English into latin? Straight hair= capillus rectus Wavy hair=capillus undulatus Long/short hair=capillus longus/curtus

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Straight hair can indeed be called capillus directus, as you can see from this passage in Vitruvius (not necessarily your first stop when looking for hair vocabulary), De Architectura 6, 1.3:

Ex eo quoque, <quae> sub septentrionibus nutriuntur gentes, inmanibus corporibus, candidis coloribus, derecto capillo et rufo, oculis caesis, sanguine multo ab umoris plenitate caelique refrigerationibus sunt conformati; qui autem sunt proximi ad axem meridianum subiectique solis cursui, brevioribus corporibus, colore fusco, crispo capillo, oculis nigris, cruribus validis, sanguine exiguo solis impetu perficiuntur.

(Derectus is a collateral form.) I'll spare you Vitrivius' pet theory why this is so, but the people living in colder northerly climates presumably have straight hair, while those living in the southern sun have curly hair. It stands to reason that rectus would also be understood. (Also, cf. tonsi rectique capilli, Iuv. Sat. 11, 149.) Additionally, hair can be densus or rarus.

I do not think capillus undulatus would work, as that word seems to have been used of clothes only.

Long hair can indeed be longus, but also promissus, as capillum promittere means to let your hair grow (analogous also barbam promittere by the way). Someone having long hair is also comatus (from the defective verb comare; hence also comans). Short hair generally seems to be tonsus (cut), and intonsus (uncut) also occurs.

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