Despite its similarity, the latin word patientia doesn't have the meaning of "patience" as the virtue or ability of waiting, but means more the virtue or ability of suffering r bearing something. How can I say in latin "have a little patience"? Is there any way of expressing this concept in latin?

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You may be able to express the “modern” sense by saying patientia morae (or morarum). Similar constructions are suggested by Georges for impatientia and impatiens with a nod to Sil. Ital. 8, 4; Ammian. 28, 1, 9; Tac. Hist. 2, 40; all of which use the adjective impatiens. Generally what this tells me is that you might be better advised trying to find a different way to express whatever it is you want to say.

In the case of “have a little patience,” I gather this is intended to mean “wait a little while.” In that case I would translate it as paulisper exspecta.

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