I'm trying to figure out what textbook I had for Latin, in a US high-school around 1968. (Chicago suburbs if that helps). I think the first story was about a boy and a girl on a picnic, because I remember "picus nicus".

I've searched around, and looked through old scans, but haven't stumbled on it yet.

Any clues? Thanks!

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This might be Latin for Americans by Berthold Louis Ullman and Norman E. Henry (and, depending on the edition, sometimes also Charles Henderson, Jr.), published by Macmillan. The book appears to have been around since at least 1941.

I suspect so because of the following Google Books snippet preview:

Snippet Preview

The publication that this snippet is from has a strangely incomplete citation on Google Books, but appears to be a bulletin of a certain “Council for Basic Education” from the year 1974.

And this one from a journal called “Theoria” published by Natal University College (South Africa) in 1960:

Snippet Preview

  • Thank you! I remember "cocam colam" now, too. The title is cringe-worthy, and the reviewers didn't like it, but that must be what we had. (In my searches, 'picus' generated lots of hits for Pediatric-ICU.)
    – aMike
    Nov 13, 2022 at 4:14

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