“Apes together Strong” is a phrase from planet of the Apes. I’m trying to reword it to say “Apes Together Smart” or apes that are united are smart. For reference, I’ve researched and found that concors valiere simias means apes are stronger in concert, but I want to write Apes Together Smart. The previous information was gathered from here Thanks!

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    So you're asking how to translate something which iw not English into something which is not Latin, right?
    – Colin Fine
    Aug 23, 2022 at 22:23

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Simii una sollertes in my humble opinion manages to translate something that is not quite good English into something that is not quite good Latin, to borrow a phrase from a commenter. Simii means "apes", una is an adverb meaning together or in one place, and sollertes is one of many Latin words which can be translated as "smart". Callidi or sapientes might also do, depending on what you are getting at.

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