I'm unsure of the bolded part of the sentence:

Haec prima sententia est, quam ut clarius explicemus, diligenter attendendum venit, ecquis iuxta hanc sententiam tum in electionis tum in reprobationis decreto ordo & concatenatio inter actus divinos sibi invicem succenturiatos ab iis statuatur.

Is ecquis an adjective modifying ordo?

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    Where is this passage from?
    – Draconis
    Commented Aug 22, 2022 at 18:01

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Ecquis can be used as an interrogative adjective. Here I would read attendendum as calling for an indirect question clause.

attendendum ... ecquis ... ordo & concatenatio ... statuatur

We must consider whether any arrangement/order and sequence is established/posited

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