The two translations suggested on Vicipaedia are “2001: caeleste iter operosum” and “Anno 2001: Odysseia Caelestis”.

Personally, I would have written “Annō 2001: Odyssēa spatiālis”.

Which one is of best latinity?

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The chief issue with spatialis is that it's unattested in Latin. I can understand why 18th century philosopher-scientists coined the term, but it doesn't speak to its Latinity. Even in English, though, "spatial" more often refers to something other than space.

Meanwhile, caelestis referring to "of the heavens" is amply attested and is the adjective used to describe where clouds, stars, and the gods reside.

Moreover, in antiquity, as far as I can tell, Odyssea (and its variants, like Andronicus' Odusia) only ever refers to the epic written by Homer, and it would take until the end of the 19th century for it to mean a long and arduous journey, at least in English.

My vote would be for:

Anno MMI: Iter Caeleste

This is similar to the first example, but without the operosum (unnecessary) and the year converted to proper Roman numerals.


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