The abbreviation eccƚie is common in medieval latin texts, like this: latin text which is from page 78 of Placita de quo Warranto. It can also be seen in this text and this text. There is a horizontal bar through the vertical of the l indicating abbreviation.

Presumably, it stands for one of the eccles words in some form or another, something to do with the church. The text above is (I think) about John, the rector of Eversholt church, paying the king for a licence to be preacher.

But just what full latin word, with what meaning, is implied by the abbreviation eccƚie?


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In Classical Latin the Genitive and Dative, first declension are -ae but in Medieval Latin, -e. So this is the abbreviated form of ecclesie. "of the church."

Not all through-strikes have the same significance: though per and pro in this passage might originally have had / and - strikes.

Johannes persona ecclesie de EVERESHOLT dat domino Regi dimidiam marcam pro licencia habenda ...

The National Archive has posted beginners and advanced Latin course on its website.
The abbreviations can be found on pages posted by Wikipedia under 'Scribal Abbreviations' and Archive under "Sigla"

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