Was thinking this could be a sort of motto, similar to "memento mori". Perhaps it would fall along the lines of "memento [that which angers you]".


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If you want to go with the famous Memento…, then I would suggest:

Memento irritantium.

The verb meminisse (to remember) can be constructed in several ways, with the accusative or genetive, or with de + ablative. I chose the genetive in this case.

The noun is irritans, present participle of irritare which does not just mean “irritate,” but in fact to provoke, enrage, stir up, exasperate, etc. Irritiantium is the genetive plural, i.e. “the things that are angering.” But note that (unlike English “that which”) it could also refer to the persons that are angering you.

  • Very nice and succinct. I'd recomment put a te in there as the direct object of irritans, although Latin often enough leaves out such an obvious object.
    – Figulus
    Commented Jun 26, 2023 at 22:26

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