This sentence is from the book "De antiquitate regum Norwagiensium", and was written by Theodoricus Monachus.

Hic consuluit ei fugam et quodammodo compulit, ut in Rusciam pergeret, ubi et diem obiit.

Thoughts: I understand that "hic" is the subject for the verb "consuluit" in this sentence. But I am unsure about "compulit". Compulit is clearly a verb, and "hic" is the noun which this verb is referring back to, but I am not sure whether the subject is implicit for "compulit" or not.

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Yes, these are two parallel clauses, the second one elliptical, in which repeated hic is omitted. You could translate it as, "he / this man advised him/her to flee and in some way made him/her proceed to Ruscia".

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