This is the fourth exercitationes from chapter nine of Wheelock's 7th edition latin textbook. Im translating some sentences as practice for a final exam.

I translated the sentence as "Neither of the other will give full blame to wealth at that time." Can someone check this? I may be missing something here.

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This isn't correct. You've made three mistakes here. First, copiam does not mean "blame." Once you figure out it's real meaning, you'll also then ideally figure out what's wrong with pecuniae, which is not the indirect object. And then once you got that part, you'll realize what you did wrong with alteri, which is not a genitive. That would be alterius. So what could alteri be then?

  • So I guess i confused copia with culpa, thanks for the help. May 25 at 16:05
  • @Hydrolox3552 Easy mistake to make! Let me know if still need further help.
    – cmw
    May 25 at 16:14

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