Invictus eques seems to apply to horsemen, but I'm looking for riders in general (or particularly motorcycle riders but I'm not expecting that in Classical Latin).

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Salve. Latin goes far beyond the classical period. Words such as motorbike rider exist in the contemporary Latin vocabulary.

I came across the word "vector," which means "one who rides" (Elementary Lewis) or "one who is carried" (Cassell's), in both Smith & Hall and Cassell's Latin Dictionary. From there, meanings such as "horseman" or even "motorcyclist" can be derived. A search in the Lexicon Morganianum rendered "cyclist" as "birotarius," a derivative of birota. One could, from there, add the prefix auto to form "autobirotarius," which would be a derivative of autobirota.

I think either vector, ōris m. or autobirotarius could work.

For "unvanquished," I might use "invictus" as your translation uses.

This would render the phrase as "vectōrēs invictī" or "autobirotariī invictī."


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