What is the Latin verb for "To move out, or cause to be moved out, upon, or by means of, rollers or small wheels"? I tried hard to find something like this on the Internet, but I failed...

evolve/revolve? No. It means to roll something. Like a stone.

E.g. Mar 16:3 et dicebant ad invicem quis revolvet nobis lapidem ab ostio monumenti
He wheeled out a stretcher from the ambulance. - E subitis medicae curru lecticulam evolvi.

It looks like the poor paramedic rolled it out in the head over heels way, doesn't it?

I know it's better to say He unloaded a stretcher from the ambulance. Though what word is for unload in Latin in the case? exonero? I'm stuck.

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I don't know if there's a specific word for "move by wheels" -- Latin tends to express manner of motion not in the verb itself, but by adverbials, participles, and the like.

So you might want to use a verb like traho "drag, pull" (or some prefixed variant like abstraho, extraho), and add something like rotis "by wheels" if necessary.

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