Latin words like crematorium and vomitorium seem to be made from verb + -torium

Is there a pattern to this I can follow for arbitrary verbs?

Furor + -torium = furotorium


Farcio + -torium = Farcitoroum

Or is there something else to it?

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Almost there, but the -t- belongs to the verb, not suffix. In particular, it's the fourth principle part (the supine/perfect participle) of the verb.

For the verb:

vomo, vomere, vomui, vomitus (or -um)

Take vomitum, drop the -us, add the adjectival ending -orius, and then use it in the neuter substantively, which yields vomitorium.

The respective perfect participial forms for furor and farcio are furatus and far(c)tus, which would yield the potential words *furatorium and *far(c)torium.

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