Normally I think of vagor as a deponent verb meaning to wander.

However, in the following online dictionary, they list vagor as meaning instead to bleat or wail or cry: https://www.online-latin-dictionary.com/latin-english-dictionary.php?parola=vagor

I cannot find this meaning in Lewis & Short. Is this just an error in the online dictionary or am I looking in the wrong place in Lewis & Short?

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No, it doesn't mean "to bleat," because it's not a verb. According to your dictionary, it is a third-declension masculine noun, which Lewis & Short, sure enough, also know about, albeit with a slightly different meaning:

a sounding, sound

The meanings given by your dictionary seem to be based on the idea that it is synonymous with vagitus. That noun, based on the verb vagire, in the strict sense refers to the noises made by infants.

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