In Romance languages, there is a single word used for "moon landing":

  • Italian: Allunaggio
  • Spanish: Alunizaje
  • Portuguese: Alunissagem
  • French: Alunissage
  • etc.

What would be the Latin equivalent?

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The Lexicon recentis Latinitatis from the Vatican's (late) Latinitas foundation, which mostly avoids neologisms, says appulsus lunae.

The Lexicon auxiliare (German-Latin) offers delunatio, though it does not appear to have caught on.

The Lexicon recentis Latinitatis is somewhat notorious for its cumbersome paraphrases, but appulsus lunae is clearly modeled after appulsus terrae and looks quite useable to me.

You might enjoy this essay on the Apollo 11 mission by no lesser person than Reginald Foster, which does (as far as I can see) not offer a word for "moon landing," but a number of other interesting coinages such as luninauta or scapha lunipeta.

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