It's supposed to be a genuine question a character asks himself after waking from a dream. I've tried different online translators but I'm not sure if I can trust them. Any help would be nice.

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    Welcome to the site! Can you edit your question to elaborate on what you want that phrase to mean? Context can make a huge difference, so we can't often just translate. (To add information, please edit the question instead of writing comments.)
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While @FlatAssembler is correct that that's one way someone could say "Am I really alive?" it might not necessarily be the most idiomatic way.

If what you're looking for is an expression of surprise—like, "Holy moley, I can't believe I'm alive!"—then what you want is an accusative of exclamation: Mene vivam? if your character is female and Mene vivum? if your character isn't. That means essentially "Me, living?" and there's an implied esse ("be"). You could also do *Mene vivere?" which is "Me, live?" The "really" is left out of the literal translation, but it's communicated by the word endings, which in this case can imply a sense of amazement.

If what you want is a genuine inquiry by somebody trying to find out if they're alive rather than dead, you'd probably use the fairly general verb vivere: Verene vivo?

If what you want is a genuine inquiry by somebody or something trying to find out if she/it is animate rather than inanimate, you'd say Verene sum animans? which means, pretty literally, "Am I animate?" but which in Latin doesn't have the same kind of technical connotation.

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    Great to see you back on the site!
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I think it is "Sumne ego vere vivus?" if the speaker is male (or non-binary) and "Sumne ego vere viva?" if the speaker is female.

  • But whats the difference between "Sumne ego vere vivus?" and "Egone vere vivit?"? Is it just more correct? Commented Sep 29, 2021 at 21:05
  • @CarlosAnti Egone vere vivit is ungrammatical. You could go with Egone vero vivo or Vivone vero. Hopefully the differences will be discussed here or in another answer.
    – Joonas Ilmavirta
    Commented Sep 30, 2021 at 4:59

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