Uti and quare seem to have similar meanings, (how? or in what manner?)

Is there a difference between the two words? What situations would they be used in that would differ?

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    I didn't vote on this, but I'm guessing the downvotes come from the lack of exposition? Perhaps if you add some background/context/the definitions in question or show that you've read the relevant dictionaries, that might encourage others to post. See e.g. this question.
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There certainly is overlap in meaning between uti and quare, but there are some uses for uti which quare cannot be used for. Uti (or more usual, just ut) can be used as a relative adverb with a correlative like sic or tam or adeo.

Sic celer cucurrit ut Lucia, "he ran as fast as Lucy". Here sic and ut are used much like tam and quam. Quare, on the other hand, is rarely used with its correlative ea re, and even when it is, it's never used to express a comparative of degree, but only manner. Ea re celer cucurrit qua re Lucia, "he ran fast in the manner that Lucy did."

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