I'm not sure if one uses the adjective or verb of FEAR in this case 😭

What I have is the following:


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I was not aware that you could use de with metuere, but I looked it up and you can. However, it means "about" in that case, and you might want to use just an accusative te.

You don't need to use ego in this sentence, unless you want to say something like "I'm not afraid of you"

Also, you might want to consider using timere or metuere depending on the context of your sentence. Timere means "to fear" or "to be afraid of" emotionally, due to external factors, while metuere means "to fear" or "be afraid of" due to reflection or meditation, the fear of the evil itself. The opposite of timere is fido, "trust", while the opposite of metuere is "spero", "hope".

Overall, I'd either say "Te non metuo" or "Te non timeo"

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    We must use the accusative because de te metuo means "I am afraid for you" (i.e., I fear something untoward will happen to you). Jul 19, 2021 at 18:15

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