I'm not sure if this question is allowed here or not but are there recordings of eras of Latin (Old Latin, Late Latin, and Vulgar Latin) and also African Latin that are recited as perfectly as Thomas Bervoets (for example https://www.stilus.nl/horatius/index-latine.htm) does?

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    Welcome, Ana Maria. Do you think you could provide a little bit more information on what exactly you're looking for? Are you looking for comparisons of pronunciation or something else?
    – cmw
    Jul 16 at 0:56
  • Comparisons of pronunciation would be good but what I'm looking for is individual recordings of Old Latin, Late Latin, Vulgar Latin, and African Latin!
    – Ana Maria
    Jul 22 at 14:32

Latinitium has a large selection of Latin recitations -about 100- mostly classical but covers other eras too, freely available at https://www.latinitium.com/latin-audio-archive . This is probably the closest to having a sort of unified 'archive' of all types of Latin recordings/recitations.

Luke Ranieri's audio section (https://lukeranieri.com/audio/) is also an excellent source of recitations; most of them are paywalled but there are free samples as well, and Ranieri is very active in all matters of Latin and Greek dialects and pronounciation diachronically.

Other than the above, the Harvard Department of Classics has a collection of classical Latin poetry and prose recitations at https://classics.fas.harvard.edu/latin-recitations, and Rhapsodoi is another recource of finding classical Latin recited at https://rhapsodoi.org/index-of-latin-recitations/ .

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