What is a phrase that acts like Dramatis Personae (for listing the important characters of a play) but for the important words?

I've thought of Dramatis Vocabulum, but I'm sure there's a better answer to this that I just don't have the knowledge for.

  • I'm curious as to what you mean by 'important words'. Are these words with meanings specific to the context of the play (like invented words, or words being used in a particular sense), or do you have something more analytical in mind ('these are the key words that relate to the themes of the play', say)?
    – dbmag9
    May 29, 2021 at 8:17
  • 2
    The word you want translated to latin would be 'glossary'.
    – Taemyr
    May 29, 2021 at 18:13

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Having said that, vocabulum is a single vocable; it would at least be necessary to say Dramatis vocabula. That does in fact sound quite good. I would recommend against dramatis verba, which, like the English "the words of the play," is a bit too general.

In Middle Latin (= Medieval Latin) you also have vocabularium, which means (and is of course the root of) "vocabulary." If Middle Latin is fine, and why would it not be, I'd recommend: Dramatis vocabularium.

  • 1
    If I had a vote, I'd vote for Dramatis vocabula.
    – Figulus
    May 29, 2021 at 14:34

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