In Epistolae obscurorum virorum, letter 3:

'Mus miser est antro qui solum clauditur uno.’ Sic etiam possum dicere de me cum supportatione, venerabilis vir, quia essem pauper si haberem tantum unum amicum, et quando ille unus superdaret me, tunc non haberem alium, qui me traetaret amicabiliter.

My attempt:

'Wretch is the mouse who is closed only by one hollow'. I can say so also about myself, ???, you honored man, for I would be poor if I had only one friend; and when that one left(?) me, then I would have no other who would treat me friendly (?)

The words in bold I could not find in dictionary and probably medieval, but I think I could get their sense, except cum supportatione which still evades me (with carry/endurance) - but how it fits the context?


Du Cange defines supportatio as "Defensio, tuitio, protectio". Justification would seem to work as a translation in this context.

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