Newbie to Latin here. I thought it might be amusing to translate web slang into Latin, but this raised a few questions.
If the accuracy is lacking, please let me know how!


Turbati estis quia vos imperitis?

Are you upset because you are inexperienced?

  1. Why does the meaning of the first phrase change radically when the sentence is split?

    E.g. Turbati estis? Quia vos imperitis? vs Turbati estis quia vos imperitis?

Additionally, what is the best translation for 'disorganization' or 'disorder' (e.g. in the sense of personal/work chaos or disorganzation?

We fear no disorganization

Non timēmus inordinationem

We fear no disorder, or Do not fear disorder

  1. Which is it?

  2. Assuming my translation isn't a fault (big if, I know): why do multiple software translators confuse timēmus (indicative active present-tense first-person plural) with the imperative?

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    Just a quick note: "why do multiple software translators confuse...?" Because no real time was spent trying to make them better. Auto-tagging for Latin has been around many years, but online translators are not content with spending the time or money to develop the necessary AI. – cmw Feb 19 at 1:19
  • Interesting topic! It also might be amusing to make acronyms of your translations since it's a very Roman thing to do that is also common with internet slang. – Adam Feb 19 at 16:22
  • I removed the last question, because it has already been answered here. – cmw Feb 26 at 6:52
  • Was there an answer here earlier, or is that just my imagination? – SKNB Mar 9 at 16:31

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