My schooldays Latin is very rusty! please help with translating 'pneumonia and the virus are losers' Sunt should go at the end? Victus should be plural and accusative? Thank you!

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Here's a couple options:

  1. pneumonia pestisque victae sunt.
  • "Pneumonia and the virus are conquered." Both subjects are Nom. pl. fem.
  • I prefer pestis over virus. Pestis is a plague or disease. Virus refers only to a poisonous liquid. For example, Lucretius uses pestis for the plague of Athens.
  • If you insist on using virus, change the adjectives from fem. to masc. (victae -> victi)
  1. pneumonia pestisque fessae sunt.
  • This version means the virus is "exhausted."
  1. pneumonia pestisque perditores sunt.
  • This is the most literal translation, but also the least accurate. It can have the double meaning that the virus is a "destroyer" (lit. "loss-maker") rather than a "loser."

I think you're aware that a colloquialism like "a loser" meaning "a (pathetic) competitor who loses a lot" can't maintain its casual register when translated.

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    Thank you. I remember now why I found Latin so difficult! Commented Feb 6, 2021 at 9:20

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