What would be good Latin words for a crêpe and a crêperie?

Vicipaedia offers crispa but mentions that the article quality is "maxdubium". (I find the expression "maxdubium" itself, well, maxdubium.) The etymologies I found all suggest that the French crêpe comes from the Latin adjective crispus, but that alone does not imply that crispus would be a good translation in any gender. The closest word for a crêpe that I could find is libum, but there could well be a better one.

If libum is the food item, then the restaurant would probably be libarium. Whether or not you suggest going with libum, how would you derive crêperie?

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Both my English-Latin Dictionaries suggest Laganum (plural Lagana).

Smith: laganun ex ovo frictum [explic. pancake (made with egg) fried.]
Ainsworth: laganum.

Like "Crêpe" it is a borrowed word:

λάγανον, τό, A a thin broad cake, of meal and oil,
Henry George Liddell; Robert Scott [1940],

A cookery site adds:

It's entirely possible that Laganum evolved into different forms in different parts of the Roman Empire, at different times, and even continued evolving after the fall of official Rome

Vicipǽdia mentions laganum briefly on the page for lucunculus.

But there are no related words for the crêperie or the cook. Perhaps

Kitchen culina f. or
Pistor, baker.
pistrina, bakery
pistrilla, a small bakery

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    Thanks! I'm now convinced that laganum is an excellent translation. I added a second answer about crêperies, although your words for "general bakery" are also often valid.
    – Joonas Ilmavirta
    Commented Sep 18, 2016 at 19:36

My dictionary (which I did not have access to when asking the question) also suggests laganum, and that word seems indeed very suitable. I have therefore accepted Hugh's answer.

One can indeed refer to crêperies as small bakeries, but it may not be suitable if clearer connection to crêpes is called for. My grammar offers three ways to derive nouns from nouns describe places of storage or similar:

  1. -arium: aerarium, pomarium, aquarium, herbarium
  2. -etum: dumetum, olivetum, querquetum, vinetum
  3. -ile: bovile, ovile, suile

It seems that -ile is restricted to animals and -etum to plants, so -arium is the best choice out of these three. The numerous other derivative options listed in the grammar seem inapplicable here.

Therefore the best word for crêperie seems to be laganarium. This word seems to exist (mostly in scientific names), but not in the sense of a crêperie. But it is a reasonable derivation using classical principles and it is intelligible in proper context.

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