Salvete! My friend who loves Latin is sick and I want to tell him "Get well soon!" in Latin. Is sanesco the right verb to use here? Should I use the present or the future imperative (mox sanesce/sanescito)?

Gratias vobis ago!


The verb sanescere sounds good, although it seems to be quite rare. (What do I have to read in Lewis & Short? Post-Augustan? Fie!) The usual term is convalescere. You can say mox sanesce for sure, but it sounds a bit like an overly literal translation, does it not? I would prefer something like:

Fac quam primum convalescas.
Please recover as soon as possible.

On the other hand, your Latin loving friend might appreciate it if you went for a full-blown Cicero quote like this (Epistulae ad familiares 16,11):

Modo fac, id quod est humanitatis tuae, ne quid aliud cures hoc tempore, nisi ut quam commodissime convalescas.
I only ask – you owe it to your humanity – that you do nothing else now but take care that you recover as fully as possible.

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