I am trying to translate "Reading improves the world" to Latin. My translation is:

Legendum excolit mundum.

Is this a good translation? I can't understand if I should use legendum or legere.

Perhaps, Mundus legendo excoletur can better express the meaning I want to convey. “The world (people / nations) will be improved by reading".

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    Ok. Joonas, Thank you very much for your answer. – Andrés Peña Dec 9 '20 at 19:50

Your choice of words is good: mundus for "world", excolere for "improve", legere for "read". I would go with the passive and express the means by a gerund ablative. Thus my suggestion is: mundus excolitur legendo.

The word order is quite flexible, so any of the six possible orders works. Your suggestion mundus legendo excoletur works, too. You have used the future tense instead of the present, and that is fine if you want to stress that the improvement will happen in the future. I chose the present tense to make it a general rule without discussing whether the reading and improving are actually happening now.

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