Hello you wonderful people,

Could you please help me checking if these sentences mean what I think?

Memento vitae - Remember Life

Memento amorem - Remember Love

Memento aeternitas - Remember Eternity

Its for a gift for my wife and it will be engraved in a pendant, so any help is welcome

Thanks in advance!

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Memini can take either an accusative or a genitive, and there is a difference in meaning, but you're presumably modelling this on "memento mori", so let's use an accusative (mori may not particularly look like an accusative but it's an infinitive and infinitives are neuter so the nominative and accusative are identical). Memento is obviously fine: it's a 2nd person singular imperative.

Vita is the correct word to use for life, but its accusative is vitam (vitae actually is the genitive, so a point to machine translation for once): memento vitam

Amorem is indeed the accusative of amor, meaning love: memento amorem

Aeternitas does mean eternity, but its accusative is aeternitatem: memento aeternitatem

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