I just heard the motto "Patria gloria mea" in a movie. It was translated as "my country, my honor". MY questions: Does Latin only require one "mea"/"my" when English Requires two? Doesn't Patria mean fatherland rather than country?


I think the point of that translation was that patria is "my country", so it includes the other "my". More literally, patria is "fatherland", and it would make sense to say patria mea as well. Different people have different fatherlands, so for the same emphasis in Latin you would indeed want to have two copies of "mea".

If the motto is simply patria gloria mea, it sounds like "fatherland is my glory"; leaving out est is common in such settings. If you want to say something closer to the English, I would prefer patria mea, gloria mea, although that could well be also read with an additional est — which hopefully doesn't matter all that much.

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