I’m looking for farm name ideas and am stuck on the concept of it being a “new life”... celebrating a changing of life’s season, etc. All I can find really is the general translation, I’m not sure how correct it is. So, looking for help! Is it just vita nova?

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"New life" is vita nova.

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    And Vita Nova is also the famous Latin title of a famously not-Latin work by Dante. Incipit vita nova - A new life begins (when Dante meets his Beatrice). Commented Oct 15, 2020 at 21:31

It's vita nova or nova vita. The word order is relatively free, but it also has preferences. I'm not quite sure what it would be in focus-comment structure.

Villa Nova as a known place name implies not necessarily that there was an old village somewhere else, just that there's something new in the place, where there wasn't a village before. Whereas Nova Scotia implies that there was an old Scotia somewhere else.

I'm only guessing from examples, while my recently acquired understanding of Greek phrase structure (lecture) is barely relevant, nor way up there. But the examples check out I believe.

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