I started today in a new position called "academy research fellow". The title means that I hold a specific five-year grant aimed for research and starting a research group, and is roughly the same career stage as tenure track. The grant is given by the Academy of Finland, the national funding agency (not a learned society).

How can I translate this title into Latin? If Vicipaedia is to be trusted, fellows of the Royal Society are called sodales, so perhaps that would be a reasonable word for "fellow". Academia or the derived academicus sound like reasonable components to use as well. I am not sure how to translate "research" naturally and most importantly how to compose it all into a single coherent title. How would you go about translating it?

The Finnish and Swedish versions of the title (akatemiatutkija, akademiforskare) translate to "academy researcher". The Academy operates in these three languages, so no other official translations exists as far as I know. Dropping the term "fellow" is not out of the question if it makes a good title.

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In "academy research fellow" the main word is "fellow" and the two others modify it. In Latin those modifiers become adjectives, "academy-related" and "research-related". This could be academicus and investigatorius or inquisitorius if "researcher" is investigator or inquisitor as my Finnish–Latin–Finnish dictionary suggests.

Thus my best translation for the moment is sodalis inquisitorius academicus. I don't know if this has any precedent, though.

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