The official blazon of the University of Nottingham describes

... inscribed with the words 'Quarente Ostium', ...

for which I can not find a proper translation. I'm pretty sure ostium here refers to some type of door or opening of some sort. I'm not too sure how to translate quarente. I believe it could originate from quærēns (from this wiki page) meaning something to seek, gain or ask.

Is it reasonable to translate this as seek every opening or is there a more accurate translation?

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The description on the website you linked is mistaken. (I believe the illustration on that site is correct, but it is too small to tell for certain. The illustration used by Wikipedia is big enough but is also incorrect.) The coat of arms of the University of Nottingham really says:


… which means: an entrance for the seeker [of knowledge, perhaps].

An interesting discussion of the coat of arms and the role it once played and now plays, including the official heraldic description, is found here (the author opines that “this is, in one perspective, medieval gibberish”).

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