In our community we use to say "Happy Sabbath" or "Have a Blessed Sabbath" which have the same sense like "Shabbat Shalom", regarding to Saturday as the day of rest.

What would be the right way to say this in Latin?

Would Beatus sabbati one of the options?

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Happy Sabbath.

Using your words I'd say "Sit sabbatum beatum" which would mean "May (your) Sabbath be happy."

I like your use of beatus-- it is used in a divine context fairly often, and it contains the positive sentiment that this phase intends.

These two are off-the-cuff guesses at potential ways to achieve your meaning.

You could say (singular/plural) "Gaude/Gaudete, nam est Sabbatum!" Rejoice, for it is the Sabbath!

Or maybe "Gaude/Gaudete cum Sabbatum (sit/veniat/oriatur/adeat/succedat)" I left the verb open-ended since the goal is to emphasize the HAPPY and the SABBATH portions of the phrase. Having a verb in the cum clause seemed unnecessary. I'd translate this into English as "Rejoice because of the Sabbath," though including a verb could change some nuances of the translation.

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