I am trying to translate the chapter titles of four chapters in a medieval source, Caffaro's De Liberatione Civitatum Orientis. Here is the full table of contents:

index capitulorum

Here are the four chapters I wish to translate:

  • VI. Christiani victores obsessi.
  • XXI. Enumeratio civitatum persequitur.
  • XXII. Praelium navale Genuensium contra Graecos.
  • XXV. Genuenses apud Laodiciam hiemantur.

What is the meaning of these chapter titles?


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Here's a literal translation of the four chapter titles:

Christiani victores obsessi

The Christian victors [are] besieged

N.B. "obsessi" is the past participle of obsideo.

Enumeratio civitatum persequitur

The enumeration of cities continues

Without context, this is harder to understand: I presume that a previous chapter began listing cities and this chapter continues it.

Praelium navale Genuensium contra Graecos

The naval battle of the Genoese against the Greeks

Genuenses apud Laodiciam hiemantur

The Genoese winter [i.e. set up winter quarters] in Laodicea

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    Aug 8, 2020 at 12:26

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