In my job I am asked to put a figure (for the time a job will take) on pieces of work (complex software), for the Sales department to then convince customers to buy. Often the Sales department come back and say "It's too high, we can't sell it". So I have to reduce the figure. I refer to this process as applying "delusional Sales arithmetic".

I would like to use a Latin phrase for this reduction of the estimate of how long a piece of work will take to a ridiculously low level in order that the Sales department are able to sell it.

Google translate gives me: delusional selling arithmetic = hallucinatio venditionis arithmetica

But I'm sure it's not correct, as it's probably a word-for-word translation.

Can anyone do better?

For clarity, I am a male, addressing a male (a Salesman), when I say "I have applied a process of delusional selling arithmetic and come up with this new estimate for you".

I would like to lend this ridiculous process some Latin gravitas by writing something like: "I have applied a process of hallucinatio venditionis arithmetica and come up with this new estimate for you". Or I have applied the hallucinatio venditionis arithmetica process and come up with this new estimate for you".

Thank you,


  • I like this question. We know this happens all the time, especially in large companies. We should have a name for it. – Cerberus Jun 28 at 14:16

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