I have a title, "Power of the Emperor" and motto "Through Empire comes Peace" that I am translating to classical Latin. I'm fairly confident of the vocabulary choices but less so of my conjugations and declensions. I have the following for both:

  • Per Imperium Pace Veniam
  • Imperator Potestatis

I think the title is probably correct, but I'm not sure about the motto.

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Your title now says '(The) Emperor of (the) Power': it should be 'Potestas Imperatoris'. Your motto now says 'Through (the) Empire I will Come by Peace': it should be 'Per Imperium Venit Pax'.

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    Thanks! I appreciate including translations of what I originally had.
    – Adam
    Commented May 13, 2020 at 18:02

I would change your title to "Potens (est) Imperator." This translates as "Powerful/Capable (is) (the) Emperor." I like this translation better because Latin prefers adjectives to genitives (as far as I can tell) and succinctness.

As Jasper has answered, "Per Imperium Venit Pax" is a good way of declining your motto.

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