I'd like to know the equivalent of omniscient but for pain instead of knowledge.

Are omnidolens or omnipassionis correct (they couldn't be)?

Thank you for your time.


The present active participles are patiens and dolens, so the anglicized words with the omni- prefix would be omnipatient and omnidolent. The former, according to Lexico, has the definition:

Having unlimited endurance; infinitely patient.

Omnidolent, on the other hand, doesn't appear in any dictionary that I know of. However, the term was used by Samuel Beckett, who wrote:

To be nothing but pain, how that would simplify matters! Omnidolent! Impious dream.

From the context, it's seems he understood it to mean feeling all pain.

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  • You're welcome. – Expedito Bipes May 8 '20 at 14:39

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