The Tremellius and Junio's Bible in Is. 60:1-2 renders the Hebrew name of God (יהוה) as Jehovæ. how is this word properly pronounced in Latin?


  • Since Latin has been spoken for so long, there is no single pronunciation system for Latin that is unanimously agreed to be the "proper" one. For example, English-speaking students taking a Latin course at school in the United States are likely to be taught to follow the "restored" pronunciation system; singers working on a choral piece might be taught to use an "ecclesiastical Latin" pronunciation system; and English-speaking students of law or medicine might use what Wikipedia calls the "traditional English pronunciation of Latin". – Asteroides Mar 20 at 20:48
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    So it would be much easier to answer this question if you add more detail about the context for why you want to know how to pronounce this name "properly", and what that means to you – Asteroides Mar 20 at 20:54
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    @Asteroides, this is a very appropriate question. I would mean the context of Bible reading. It's interesting to add another detail, the Tremellius/Junio - Beza Bible, in contrast with the Vulgate, was Protestant so much so that was one of the sources of the KJV. That being said, I don't know whether Protestants pronounced the "ecclesiatical Latin" or the Ciceronian latin. Any insights are very welcome. – Oliver Amundsen Mar 22 at 12:27

If you wanted to pronounce it like:

  • English scientific or legal Latin, it would be pronounced "jah-HOE-vee"
  • If you wanted to give it an Ecclesiastical or modern-Roman pronunciation, it would be pronounced "yay-Oh-vay", with a silent H.
  • If you wanted to pronounce it according to the Vox Latina textbook, which is popular these days in academic and educational circles, you would pronounce it something like "yay-HOE-why" or "yeh-HOE-why".

So as Asteroides pointed out, you have lots of options. I only listed three.

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