Having reviewed verbs in the "to do"/ "to pursue" genre, it is still not clear which one is the most appropriate for "to do a job"/ "to pursue a career/ "to fulfil a position". This may indicate that there isn't one: "facio" may cover all circumstances--does it?

Likely candidates were "effero" & "persequor"; more grandiose: "ad officium Deo vocatur" = "He is called to this office by God". This, perhaps, more readily for a vocation-type job.

The scenario: a Manager discomforts a junior colleague by advising him that he, the Departmental Head, is not about to restore a promotion to him, the junior, after he had bungled and been relieved of it, the first time around.

Manager: "He (Departmental Head) is not about to restore a job to you for which you are manifestly unsuited."

A possible translation:

"ille (Patronus Magnus) tibi non rediturum esse officium cui manifeste non aptus/ dignus es tu qui efferas/ persequaris."

(i) What is the best verb for "to do" (the job)?

(ii) After trouble with Latin adverbs in Q: A Convenient Co-operation is "manifeste" well-applied here?

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