One of my favourite phrases is 'Don't give up the day job' for when someone is not very good at something. I put together 'Noli labor a die dedere'. However 'labor' is more 'task' instead of 'job' and would like a better alternative for 'by day'. Could anyone give me a better translation?

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An adjective for “day …” or “daily” would be diurnus. But you are being a bit too literal. It is a peculiarity of English that a person's regular occupation is called their “day job.” I think negotium fits the bill.

Likewise, dedere is not a good fit either, it means “surrender, yield,” etc.

So I would suggest:

Retine negotium.

Keep the day job.

or less terse:

Interim retine tuum negotium.

For the time being, keep your day job.

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